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‘K-Beauty Expo Bangkok & K-Quarantine Expo Bangkok 2021' Rules and Regulations

Article 1 | Definition of Terms
1. "Exhibitor" refers to exhibitors such as individuals, companies, institutions and organizations who have submitted a prescribed participation application contract for participation in this exhibition.
2. “Exhibition” refers to “K-Beauty Expo Bangkok & K-Quarantine Expo Bangkok 2021”.
3. “Organizer” and “Organizer” refer to KINTEX.

Article 2 | Application for participation and contract
1. Those who wish to apply for participation must fill out this participation application contract and pay the participation fee in full within one week after submitting it to the organizer.
2. Booth fee is 2,100,000 won per booth for independent booths and 2,250,000 won for assembling booths per booth. (VAT excluded)
3. Ancillary facilities and basic booth installation work will be provided by the organizer according to the request of the exhibitor, and if any changes occur in the participation application contract and application for additional facilities, the organizer shall be notified immediately. Exhibitors are responsible for any disadvantages due to non-notification.
4. Exhibitors must immediately notify the organizer of any changes in the contents of the participation application contract, and the exhibitor is responsible for any disadvantages caused by non-notification.

Article 3 | exhibition booth allocation
1. The organizer allocates the booth location of the exhibitor according to the nature of the exhibits, the order of application for participation, the number of times of participation and the order of payment of the participation fee.
2. The organizer may change the booth location previously assigned to the exhibitor if it is deemed necessary for the overall operation of the exhibition in consideration of the spatial harmony of the exhibition hall, viewing efficiency, and exhibition effect. Such change is at the discretion of the organizer, and the exhibitor cannot object to the result of the change.

Article 4 | showroom management
1. Exhibitors must do their best to manage their own booths by displaying the exhibits specified in the participation application contract and arranging resident personnel.
2. In the event that the exhibitor exhibits items different from the exhibits specified in the participation application contract, exhibits items that do not conform to the nature of the exhibition, or engages in direct sales without the consent of the organizer, the organizer may immediately order suspension, removal or removal. . In this case, the participation fee is not refunded, and the exhibitor cannot claim compensation.
3. If necessary, the organizer may restrict the entry of a specific person to the exhibition hall.
4. Exhibitors cannot display exhibits other than the rented exhibition area without prior approval from the organizer.
5. Exhibitors cannot transfer all or part of the allocated exhibition area to others without the written consent of the organizer.
6. Exhibitors who wish to hold an event within the exhibition hall must notify the organizer in advance and ask for permission, and solicitation or loud shouting is strictly prohibited. If it is judged that excessive noise or the public relations activities of the surrounding booths are affected, the organizer may request to stop the event, and the exhibitor must suspend the event upon request.
7. Exhibitors cannot change the original state of the exhibition room, such as painting the floor, ceiling, pillars, or walls, and must compensate the organizer for damage to the exhibition hall, such as restoration.

Article 5 | Payment terms
1. Exhibitors must apply for online participation on the exhibition website.
2. Exhibitors must pay 100% of the participation fee in full within 7 days after the application is approved.
3. If the exhibitor does not pay the full participation fee within the specified period, the organizer may cancel the participation contract. handle

Article 6 | Cancellation or change of exhibition
If the organizer (manager) cancels the exhibition, the entire participation fee already paid will be returned to the exhibitor. However, if the exhibition is canceled or the date is changed or reduced due to force majeure or other special circumstances not attributable to the organizer, it will not be returned. In this case, the exhibitor cannot claim compensation from the organizer.

Article 7 | Cancellation of participation and penalty
1. Cancellation of Participation and Penalty If the exhibitor cancels participation or reduces the scale after submitting the application for participation, the amount equivalent to the penalty specified below must be paid to the organizer within 15 days of cancellation of participation or change in scale. However, the already paid participation fee will be deducted from the cancellation fee.
- Participation application date - October 16, 2021 Cancellation of participation and scale reduction: 50% of the total participation fee is paid to the organizer as a penalty
- October 17, 2021 ~ November 16, 2021 Cancellation of participation and scale reduction: 80% of the total participation fee is paid to the organizer as a penalty
- Participation cancellation and scale reduction after November 17, 2021: 100% of the total participation fee is paid to the organizer as a penalty
2. The penalty is the amount excluding VAT, and a tax invoice is not issued.

Article 8 | Display of devices and exhibits
1. Exhibitors must bring in and display equipment and exhibits within the designated period within the allotted exhibition area. Cancellation may be made voluntarily, and compensation may be claimed.
2. The exhibition hall usage time for the device is from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm, and if additional work is required outside the stipulated hours, an application for additional use and an overtime usage fee must be paid.

Article 9 | Taking out exhibits and equipment
Exhibitors must take out all exhibits and equipment within the designated period, and in case of delay in taking out, all expenses (exhibition hall additional fees, etc.)

Article 10 | Exhibition cost, risk and insurance
1. The organizer shall take appropriate security measures for exhibitors and visitors (according to KINTEX exhibition regulations).
2. The exhibitor is fully responsible for any damage or theft to the equipment and exhibits within the allocated area during the exhibition period, equipment, and demolition period.
3. In the event that the exhibitor intentionally or negligently causes fire, theft, damage, or other accidents to cause damage to the organizer or others, the exhibitor is fully responsible for compensation and insurance for the exhibits is also the responsibility of the exhibitor. .

Article 11 | Fire Rules
1. Equipment and all materials in the exhibition hall must be properly non-combustible in accordance with fire regulations.
2. If necessary, the organizer may request the exhibitor to make corrections related to fire prevention.

Article 12 | Supplementary Provisions
1. If necessary, the organizer may establish supplementary regulations not specified in the participation regulations, and the exhibitor must comply with them.
2. Supplementary regulations become part of the participation regulations, and the exhibitor must comply with them.
3. Exhibitors must comply with the regulations of the KINTEX exhibition hall.

Article 13 | Dispute Resolution
Disputes arising between the organizer and the exhibitor regarding the interpretation of these rules of participation and other disputes regarding the rights and obligations of both parties are subject to the arbitration and award of the Korean Commercial Arbitration Board and cannot be brought to the court against the decision.

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